Thursday, March 23, 2017


They say the sales have gone up
in just the first five days
of this presidency,
that the use of
alternative facts
are the new
the new
in our new
Orwell could be a best seller once again.
I hope after that,
the populace
will move on to
It Can’t Happen Here
The Plot Against America
or the Man in the High Castle
because let’s be honest,
Roth and Dick have already had their day in the sun
and if America has decided
to read again
instead of watching
reality TV
instead of staring at their phones
and the asses
of beautiful women
if they’ve decided to educate
themselves about why
reality TV has begot a reality president
I think they should start with a challenge.
Or start with the People’s History of the United States
and see that we were never what we told ourselves we were
that the poor have been pushing back from day one
only to land under the boot of a cooperation.
Besides it’s only the first few days
in this new regime
so we’ve got plenty of time
to build a solid
reading list. 
---Ally Malinenko

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