Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Previously published in Nasty Women Poets - An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse, 2017; The New York Times, KYSO Flash

I PREFER PUSSY ( a city-kitty ditty)

I prefer pussy, as in cat
as in willow
as in chases a rat
as in raised on a pillow.

I prefer pussy, as in riot
as in foots
as in pussycat doll
as in puss-in-boots

I prefer pussy, as a twat
it is not, nor
is it a beaver,
a clam or a cleaver.

I prefer pussy to
nookie or gash,
it isn’t a box,
or a cave or a slash. 

I prefer pussy, ‘though
rosebud’s not bad,
and muffin sounds homey,
and cooch makes me glad.

I prefer pussy to snapper
or snatch, far better
than taco or
slit or man-catch.

I prefer pussy, as in whip
as in flower,
as into it you slip -
as in I have the power.

    -    Alexis Rhone Fancher

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