Sunday, March 18, 2018



We wonder what can comfort us now
and here is what she has to say:

be comforted by your creations
by the dirty process
of putting pieces together
of arranging
and cleaning
and throwing away
and starting again.

Be comforted by the earth
and her chaos and creation
and death and life
and being held by her.

Be comforted by yourself,
reminded of your strength
and of where you’ve been,
who you have become.

Be comforted by the letting go
the knowing that you were
right to bury it in the earth
by knowing that you
can trust in your choice
of what to destroy.

- Susie Sweetland


The heat of summer intrudes
into everything

my anger burns hotter
and never quite quenches

no matter how many bodies of water
I find to lower myself into.

I want to
learn to be better
than I am
than I think I can be.

The world is falling apart

though I know really it never stopped

and tomorrow when we leave
on yet another journey
the moon is coming
with us.

In this new space
I feel cooler, with
more shades of blue
more calm
and with space
to pause.

I want cold water
cooling and quenching

so we travel
to a mighty lake
with frigid waters.
We find a place where
she shares her coolest parts,
from the deepest of her depths,
with a dry, burning world

and we peel off our layers
and run joyfully in.

- Susie Sweetland

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