Saturday, March 10, 2018


Flowers are Worth More than Females

Ripped out rampion made her worthy
of having to give up
what was inside her
own womb.

Her unborn baby had no choice
and was not allowed to grow
its own voice. Its female body
was too pretty, too tempting.
It was bound to get stolen again.

It was locked inside
a cage, high above the ground
until its hair grew long enough
to reach close to the bottom.

Do you understand how it feels to grow
without a real mother?
To extend your own hair
to the point of hitting the bottom
of an unknown land

and then watch someone else climb up,
drag you down to their level
and expect you to treat them
like they've given you the ultimate reward
by informing you that you belong to them?

When will you belong to yourself?
For years, you have hidden the blood
against your own scalp,
but then he tells you to cut off your hair.
He thinks the choice is his.

Blood orange drips down
your throat until you gag
in these dream scenes that turn you
into another unworthy nightmare
body culminating in nothing
but scissors and long hair
and extreme power outage.

- Juliet Cook

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