Thursday, March 22, 2018


America; America

I keep having this dream where
the white man isn’t angry
the black man entered
the white house.

When I wake up, the white man
has stolen everything.

I tell my neighbors but they don’t believe me
because he’s a white man wearing a red hat

and says he owns a bible.

They tell me he is our president and I don’t believe them
because I remember voting with my nephew
on my hip, his chubby fingers reaching for the ballot
while telling myself:

                              I’m with her because he’s with me.

I keep having this dream, America,
and you keep building more doors
for white men to enter our houses.

- Rachel Nix

There Are Too Many Memes

It’s 2016 & it’s not funny anymore.

Donald J. Trump, president elect:                                    I reject.
                                                                                         I reject.
                                                                                         I reject.

Doesn’t matter, they say.
This is a red state, they say.

We’re outnumbered by the right kind.

                                    I’m the white kind,
                                    but not the right kind—

                                    a woman & for all they know:
                                    every other label now in need of legislation,
                                    & rules to disappear within.

Electoral sweeping,
gerrymandering led by affluent fingers—

Democracy is as tangible as fear; but only one is real.

                                                                   Country-wide, we won
                                                                    but it doesn’t matter, they say.

The popular vote isn’t the popular vote.       

(Did I hear an amen?)

- Rachel Nix

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