Thursday, March 29, 2018


Idiot Nation

“Should crazy have a place in the public square?” – Leonard Pitts

Sunday morning begins with frightening headlines,
an insane president’s tweets.

Research analyzes America’s rampant idiocracy,
documents the cause--educational de-funding.

Surrounded by cretinous crazy, it’s tough to persevere,
maintain hope, much less a positive outlook.

Around us, institutions crumble, replaced by
lowest denominator infotainment, crass propaganda.

In this Brave New World, resentful mobs
take out their frustrations on the wrong targets.

Trolls have seized control of checks and balances,
construct a totalitarian gulag, seal every exit.

- Jennifer Lagier

Life With Trump: a Quiz

1. Twitter is for
(a) announcing sensitive news
(b) Attacking people
(c) Congratulating yourself on your accomplishments so far
(d) People who are not the president of the United States

2. Puerto Rico is
(a) A country with a president who is not the president of the United States
(b) Nothing to concern oneself with
(c) Poor—in other words: insignificant
(d) Part of the USA

3. Immigrants are synonymous with the word:
(a) Terrorists
(b) Monsters
(c) Unwelcome
(d) People

4. A “diversary visa” is a
(a) Visa for diversary people
(b) Visa for diverse anniversaries
(c) Visa that celebrates a diversary
(d) An entirely made-up phrase

5. “It’s not good” is a
(a) Fact
(b) Factual observation
(c) Truth
(d) Personal opinion

6. Covfefe is
(a) Healthcare coverage for a fefe
(b) Sunblock coverage for a fefe
(c) Coffee with a “v” of whipped cream on top
(d) A typo courtesy of clumsy fingers

7. The “Cut Cut Cut Act” will
(a) Make provisions for the vulnerable
(b) Redistribute wealth
(c) Cut across the board
(d) Line the pockets of the already-wealthy and widen the gap between rich and poor, thereby further weakening the middle class

8. Bullying belongs
(a) At rallies
(b) At home
(c) In the White House
(d) Absolutely nowhere

9. A president should be a
(a) Joke
(b) Clown
(c) Narcissistic toddler
(d) Leader

10. A president owes the American people
(a) Nothing
(b) An entertaining show
(c) A three-ring circus
(d) Dignity, freedom, and justice

- Rachel Toalson

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